CORIOLIS: Ship Salvage in the Third Horizon

Derelict Ship#1

You might want to think twice before going to salvage this ship……. 

In the Spectral Corsair campaign my players are not salvagers, they are traders.  In one game I presented them with a bunch of trading jobs and missions, one of which was a missing persons job.  In that mission I expected them to find the abandoned colony ship their charge had travelled on.  Now, if I was a money-grubbing hard-up trader I might think I’d search that ship for anything of value and swipe it: some extra bonus for running a mission that might not find the missing person anyway.  I assumed my players might do the same…

So, in order to be ready for this, I had a look for any rules that might apply.  But I couldn’t find any.  So, as I do, I had a go at making my own!

As it happens I got to use these rules earlier than I’d expected.  Before the players even picked up the missing persons job they had a run-in with some Bounty Hunters.  They beat the Bounty Hunters, killing them in the fight, but at the cost of their Captain’s life.  But after the fight the Bounty Hunter vessel was sitting there, docked to the Corsair, just waiting to be looted and salvaged…


And are available on PDF here: CoriolisSalvageTable 

and Word here: CoriolisSalvageTableWord 

  1. Each individual searching the vessel can make a number of searches (i.e., rolls on the Ship Salvage Table) equal to their WITS attribute;
  2. Each search takes a full 4 hours (so a character with a WITS of 3, making the maximum number of searches, spends 12 hours scouring the ship);
  3. For each search the character makes an OBSERVATION roll. Every success on this roll adds a bonus of +1 to the tens die for the roll on the Ship Salvage table;
  4. The GM decides how much salvage might be available on the vessel, and decides on an appropriate modifier, from 0 to -5 on the tens die, depending on the state of the ship being searched (a ship that’s never been salvaged and is well stocked might have a modifier of 0, whereas one that’s been stripped will have a -5 modifier);
  5. Roll d66, apply the OBSERVATION and GM bonuses to the tens die, and check against the SHIP SALVAGE Table below to see what you have found;
  6. Go through steps 2-5 again for each search.

Salvage Table


As always I’d love to hear how you find them, and really welcome any suggestions to improve or amend them at all.

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