CORIOLIS: Mercy Of The Icons – Menkari Vessel ‘NIJARA’

Oshian Ispartha’s ship, in Effekt’s Streamed AP of the Mercy of the Icons campaign (Mondays 2030 GMT/UTC)

30 episodes ago Oshian Ispartha and Yakub Nassar set out on the Mercy of the Icons campaign, produced by the great team at Fria Ligan and written by the wonderful Rickard Antroia.

Before the campaign started I designed Oshian’s ship, NIJARA (“Excelsior”). But little did I know then that the only action she would see would be one short trip from Coriolis to the surface of Kua, with a rocket blast taking out her Bridge, and taking her out of the rest of the campaign!

Now she is repaired and re-fitted (i.e., re-designed as a Class III ship, rather than the original Class II ship which was all we thought we’d need – a little bit of GM ret-conning to help us expand the player group more regularly up to five players) in anticipation of our moving into Part 2 of the campaign. Captained (slightly reluctantly) by Oshian (as it’s his ship), and sensor op’ed by Yakub, we await to see which of our old friends will join us on the next chapter in the story.

But, having re-designed Nijara, and produced some floor plans (with many thanks and recommendation for ‘NEWT Blueprint Builder‘) I thought I’d offer them for those who may be watching the show, or just interested in the ship herself.

For the look imagine a bigger version of the Eagle from Space 1999…

Enjoy, and don’t forget to tune in on Mondays at 2030 GMT/UTC to catch the show!

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