CORIOLIS: “Repairing A Ship Just Ain’t That Easy…”


It don’t matter where in the Horizon you need to make repairs, it still takes more than five minutes and a cheap set of Spare Parts…

Boom.  My module’s been hit and it’s destroyed, bent, burnt, twisted, shredded and fried.  What a mess!  How am I going to repair my very expensive Salvage Station (that costs 55k to buy!), Docking Station (that goes at 15k to install) or even the cheap old Cargo Bay (at 5k)?  Well, take one Spare Part (costs 200 Birr) and a Tech roll, and Bob’s Your Uncle.

That’s way too easy.  And cheap.  I kind of get the “repair a module in the heat of battle” idea, where your Ship’s Engineer can use just the one Spare Part and get the module up and running for the combat.  It’s a jury-rig: a last ditch kind of repair, with lashings of gaffer tape and WD40 liberally sprayed.  But that fix, for me, will just see you through the fight, but you still need to properly repair the destroyed module at some point, otherwise it’ll keep breaking down and causing cascade issues across the ship.

So, here’s my take on this:

  • Outside combat a basic repair with one Spare Part simply seals any hull breaches, but the Module in question is still considered to be Destroyed and is not usable in any way;
  • The Base Cost and Time to fully repair a Destroyed Module are 10% of the Module’s full price (see Coriolis Corebook page 145) and 10 hours respectively;
  • A successful Tech Roll will modify the costs, based on the number of successes rolled. Compare successes to the table below:
TECH Roll Successes Cost of the Repair based on % of the full Module Price Time to Repair
FAIL 15% 15 hours & Need to re-roll
1 10% 10 hours
2 8% 9 hours
3 6% 8 hours
4 4% 6 hours
5 2% 4 hours
  • If you FAIL your roll you have wasted your money and time, and have failed to make the repairs work. You need to roll again;
  • There is no half-way house: you can’t repair enough to just get the Module working again in part – it’s either fixed or it ain’t.


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