Tales of the Old West: Steaming Rock, Nevada

In our current Effekt Actual Play podcasts we have, for the first time, travelled to the world of my and Matthew’s new game, Tales of the Old West (or TOTOW). The AP follows playtests we have ran over the last 12 months with (nearly) the latest version of the rules, and follows the lives of our players, trying to settle and build a home in the fictional frontier town of Steaming Rock.

Here are a few maps to go with the AP, to help listeners follow the action! Please bear in mind this caveat: most of these are hand-drawn by me and while I have tried hard to be as accurate as possible with them, they may not be 100% accurate with the actual locations in question!

STEAMING ROCK, Town Square (I found this map online years ago and have no idea who owns it – if it’s you please let me know and we will of course credit your creativity!).



NEVADA, Circa 1872

THE WEST, Circa 1872

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