That’s me, on my first trip to Stockholm to visit Free League Publishing

I have been playing roleplaying games for over four decades, as GM and player, and have been freelancing since 2019. I started Dave Semark Enterprises in February 2023, when I went fulltime on this hobby that has become a career. I’ve been working with some key players in the RPG industry, including Free League Publishing, Modiphius Entertainment and Firelock Games.

What do I offer?

  • Writing, for settings, lore, scenarios and campaigns across the whole spectrum of roleplaying games
  • Game design, for a wide range of game mechanics across the board, from combat to NPCs and enemies, to sweeping battles and player character world building
  • Playability consulting and advice, to enhance scenarios and campaigns to maximise the player experience
  • Rules consultation, especially the Year Zero Engine and variants
  • My experience playing, writing and working across a vast range of roleplaying games and systems
  • My focus on player experience, scenario playability, creating exciting worlds for players to immerse themselves in, and meeting deadlines (no matter how tight they are!)

My portfolio of work includes:

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  • The multi-award winning Alien RPG, with Free League Publishing – the corebook and intro adventure, Hope’s Last Day, the cinematic scenarios Destroyer of Worlds and Heart of Darkness, the Colonial Marines Operations Manual and the latest release, Building Better Worlds
  • Vaesen and Twilight 2000 4th Ed, with Free League – Mythic Britain & Ireland and the T2K corebook
  • War Stories RPG, with Firelock Games – rules consulation and writing for the corebook, and the campaign supplement, Rendezvous With Destiny
  • Under The Black Sail RPG, with Firelock Games – rules consultation
  • Dune RPG and Cohors Cthulhu, with Modiphius Entertainment – scenario writing
  • Dreams And Machines RPG, with Modiphius – setting and lore world building for Modiphius’ newest IP
  • And I’m currently working on other projects and am always willing to discuss new opportunities, and excited to try new things.


Contact me at dave@effektpodcast.org, or I’m often on Facebook, as EffektDave.

More about me:

I started roleplaying in 1980, with AD&D – my first ever scenario was Q1, The Queen of the Demonweb Pits – and I never looked back. Over the years I’ve game mastered and played literally dozens of games. In 2016 I came across Free League Publishing, through their game Mutant Year Zero, and that led to my great love of their work, and the work of Jårnringen, now merged with Free League.

I also co-host the popular EFFEKT podcast, a fortnightly magazine show talking all things RPG but with a focus on Swedish gaming, and our Actual Play channel. You can find them here:


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