SYMBAROUM: The Granite Hold Campaign & Actual Play Podcasts

GH Image#4

As a GM I love making stuff up, and letting my imagination run wild in a new world.  As such I don’t tend to make great use of the pre-produced setting material that comes with most games (although it doesn’t stop me buying it, and enjoying reading it, and bagging good ideas from it!).  I’d rather create my own bit of the world: not only do I get to put my own spin on things I also don’t get caught out by not really knowing the background material well enough, and missing things that would add to a particular scenario.

Hence my Symbaroum creation in the eastern foothills of the Ravens mountains, an Ambrian outpost squeezed between the mountain peaks, the Vajvod forests of Davokar and the icy depths of Korinmere.  Once a place for misfits and adventurers, optimists and fortune-hunters, it has turned into a home for a hard-bitten and forgotten community, determined to carve out a new life on the frontiers, in spite of being deserted by the very kingdom that urged them on in the first place…

Welcome to GRANITE HOLD.


If you have been following The Coriolis Effect special podcasts about Symbaroum, “The Symbaroum Effect” you’ll have been listening to the Actual Play podcasts of our first Symbaroum scenario, called “The Tale of the Lonesome Ogre”.  The scenario is one gaming session, divided into three episodes.

One thing I noticed, as a GM new to running games that we will put out as AP podcasts, is that I have a tendancy to use maps and refer to them as I run my game.  That’s all well and good for my players, who can see the maps and can see what I mean when I say “you are here and it’s there, or “you’re hiding behind this barrel here, and the bad guy is over there.  But, that’s not so great for our listeners.

So, a few things:

  • I’ll try to GM recorded games in a better way in future;
  • I’ll try to make sure that my listeners have as good an understanding of the landscape and situation as my players do;
  • And I’ll put out my Symbaroum campaign maps, for listeners to The Symbaroum Effect APs, to hopefully help you visualise and understand what’s going on.

And here they are, in PDF form:

1- Granite Hold and its Vicinity;

GH Area#1

2- Granite Hold town map;


3- The Inn of the Lonesome Ogre, Granite Hold;

Inn Map#1

4- Tymal Mills;

TM Town#1

I hope you enjoy!

One comment

  1. HI there guys,

    I have just fined listening to the last of the Symbaroum live play podcasts: The tale of the lonesome Goblin (Part 5) : Seriously! you are going to leave it there? no more Symbaroum?

    Come on ! I loved this series, please tell me there will be more.

    Regards, Simon.


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