“MUKAFA’A” (aka “The Bounty”): A Brief History, Stats & Deckplans

I love designing ships and gear, and drawing up deckplans (even though I’m certainly no artist).  As Matthew and I were putting together the The Coriolis Effect Actual Play podcasts (of the second scenario in Matt’s campaign “A Known Mistake Is Better Than An Unknown Truth”) I had the thought to put up this post as reference material: I hope the details and background add some colour to the Actual Play programmes, and maybe you can follow the action on the deckplans – should that seem like a good idea!  Enjoy!

Mukafa’a:  A fine example of a multi-purpose, class III Light Freighter, designed and built in the Order of the Pariah’s shipyards on Karrmerruk.  Put together to the highest standards of Zalosian technology with many of the benefits of their Icon-driven innovation, class III ships of this style have oft been used by small time traders, pilgrims off to start lives afresh on distant worlds and of course, marshalls, sheriffs and bounty hunters…  Yaphet Otho, one such bounty hunter, ship builder and combat engineer, poured his energy, his life and all his Icon-given skill and fortune, into breathing life into the vessel.  Mukafa’a is something that has become a part of his soul.


Mukafa'a Sheet

We chose the “OBVIOUS SIGNATURE” problem as it fitted with our idea that we would have a reputation and Mukafa’a would be well known: there’d be a chill going down people’s spines when they saw Mukafa’a settle into a dusty landing pad.  It also means she gets a +2 problem when enemies try to detect her, but there’ll be no mistaking who we are.

For the features, ANTI-MATTER ROCKETS was a no-brainer with its +2 to Manoeuver: Mukafa’a is a Zalosian ship and there’d be no point if we didn’t take advantage of the advanced tech of the Order of the Pariah (but having said that we couldn’t afford to buy Zalosian Anti-Matter Missiles to go with our Torpedo Bay, but nukes aren’t so bad).  ATMOSPHERIC ENTRY was also something we really liked: as bounty hunters we need to go where we need to go, and this felt right.  The TURBO PROJECTOR, and its +1 to both Manoeuvrability and Speed, made Mukafa’a an ugly but surprisingly fast little thing, in combat and in burning through space.


As I’m sure you already noticed, I based Mukafa’a on a Star Wars “The Force Awakens” SWX61 Quad Jumper (just love the design for some reason…).  Mukafa’a is a three-decker: the Orlop Deck (Mukafa’a’s lowest, with the main air-locks and cargo deck); the Boiler Deck (mid deck with engineering, and the Service Station, Workshop and Anti-Matter Rocket engine room); and the Flight Deck (her upper deck, with the Bridge, Chapel and living quarters).


Mukafa'a Orlop Deck


Mukafa'a Boiler Deck


Mukafa'a Flight Deck

And here’s all three together:


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