HSH Title 1

Following my, and my co-host Matthew’s, successful creation of the three Last Hopes Alien scenarios for the UK Games Expo last year I was asked to write this year’s ALIEN RPG Convention scenario. If you remember, those three mini scenarios (Hope’s Last Hand, Hope’s Last Dance and Hope’s Last Stand, telling the last desperate stories of Hadley’s Hope before the film, Aliens) eventually became Hope’s Last Day, the scenario in the ALIEN RPG Corebook. Don’t feel too bad for Matthew for not being asked to write an Alien scenario this year, as he has written the Free League’s convention scenario for their new Nordic Horror game, Vaesen.

hld tITLE1

This year’s scenario is something a little different, and is called ALIEN: HOME SWEET HOME.

We have already broadcast an actual play of Home Sweet Home, on Youtube here:  but I recorded another run of the game for the Effekt Actual Play podcast, run with my home group, a great bunch of playtesters. I also playtested Destroyer Of Worlds ( with a few of these guys, which helped me no end in Editing and Writing some additional content for that forthcoming cinematic scenario.

So, Home Sweet Home: if you’re watching the Youtube video, or listening to the Home Sweet Home podcast on the Effekt AP channel, you might find the following maps a useful aid! They are hand drawn, so please bear with their rustic nature, but they will give you a sense of Phoenixstead, the home of the Hatfields and McCoys, and the stage for an epic battle against the elements, against the forces of nature, and against the history that makes us all who we are. . .

Map of Phoenixstead:  HSH Map 1

Map of the main complex – Basement: HSH Map 4

Map of the main complex – Ground Floor:  HSH Map 2

Map of the main complex – Upper Floor:  HSH Map 3


All the best, Dave.

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